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Video Production

Professional & Creative Videography

Showcase your personality and services through video.

Video Production

Enhance and expand your visual messaging with a professional, on-trend company video. A high-quality corporate video transforms how you communicate with customers, employees, and the general public, amplifying your brand’s voice and influence. This strategic tool can elevate you from being a mere participant to becoming an industry leader.

Creating web videos for your site, commercials for TV, or content for Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms can ignite your marketing campaign. Additionally, videos provide a dynamic method to engage and inform your staff, ensuring your internal communications are as compelling as your external ones.

Choose Voeltner Media to produce videos that propel your brand forward and make a lasting impact.

How to Create a Corporate Video

Creating a corporate video involves tailoring different types of commercial productions to meet specific needs. Recruiting videos attract new talent, training videos onboard them, marketing videos boost your bottom line, product videos promote your merchandise, and explainer videos demonstrate how to use them.

Professional web videos are compelling content perfect for social media, attracting attention that extends beyond your current client base. These videos not only inform potential customers but also define and reflect your company brand.

When developing a video marketing strategy, follow steps with a proven track record of success. Start strong by brainstorming with a creative team, fostering an environment for open discussion and a wide range of ideas. Even unused concepts can be valuable for future projects.

Focus on communicating the aspects of your products and services that benefit your target audience. Ensure the video resonates with them. Remember, video is a dynamic medium – it’s about showing, not just telling.

Your storyboard should align with your purpose and advance the narrative that sets your company apart. Ensure your branding is consistent. Reviewing the sequence of events in your storyboard allows you to make necessary adjustments early in the process.

The look, style, and appeal of your corporate video contribute to the overall impression customers take away from your project. Visual elements, combined with narration, voiceovers, testimonials, and more, create a powerful image of your brand. Therefore, it’s crucial to avoid promoting an amateur-level product video if you aim for your company to be associated with excellence.

Fortunately, you don’t have to tackle this alone. Voeltner Media can guide you through the process of discovering new revenue streams with a powerful company video. We help you showcase your products and services or create a comprehensive corporate branding piece.

What is a Company Culture Video?

There are many reasons to showcase your company’s values and personality. While it can boost sales, it is particularly effective in attracting top talent and maintaining high standards among your current employees and contractors.

A company culture video communicates your mission, ethos, and operating principles, ensuring that those who align with your purpose or aspire to join your team understand your expectations.

What is a Company Culture Video?

Recruiting Tool

One effective way to excel in recruitment is by producing a company culture video. This tool easily communicates your company’s vibe to job candidates, documents benchmarks, and gauges the interests of younger demographics in your industry.

Recruiting marketing is more crucial than you might think. Today’s job seekers are media-savvy and discerning, especially those in tech fields who seek workplaces with specific values and cultures. A professional company culture video can attract them by positively showcasing your brand, keeping them engaged throughout the interview process.

Authenticity is highly valued by job candidates. They want employers who are honest and straightforward, and your video can convey this sincerity.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, a company culture video can help build a relationship with prospective employees. Videos effectively convey emotion, a key component of successful marketing, in this case, promoting your company to potential hires.

Many applicants today seek purposeful careers. Beyond the industry, they want a workplace that aligns with their priorities or simply makes them happy. A company culture video allows you to highlight the most desirable elements of your company and emphasize what’s essential for your business’s success.

Branding Tool

A company culture video can influence shoppers and lead to higher conversion rates. Many viewers respond to these videos because they evoke a certain feeling or vibe. As video content continues to grow, consumers increasingly seek out videos from brands they support. Additionally, the more professional videos you produce, the more attractive your brand becomes, helping you attract like-minded employees and loyal clients.

A dynamic, engaging recruitment video is far more impactful than a static post on a career platform. A mere presence on social media isn’t enough; content is key. For instance, if a game company invests heavily in publicity but produces subpar promo videos, it will undermine their efforts and likely result in disappointing responses.

Given its repeated use, your company culture video must be polished and professional. Hiring a professional videography team ensures a significant return on investment by producing high-quality videos that resonate with your audience.

What is a Company Culture Video?

Investing in a video marketing piece is crucial, but it must engage viewers to be effective. The click-through rate drives conversions, and the video content determines whether viewers follow through. Depending on the corporate video’s purpose – training, brand awareness, sales, etc. – here are some suggestions to enhance the content:

Recruiting Videos

  • Highlight company attributes
  • Include interviews with employees
  • Communicate core values
  • Reflect diversity and growth
  • Promote recruitment events
  • Feature panel discussions
  • Address common questions
  • Show supervisors interacting with teammates

Training Videos

  • Use a compelling narrative
  • Ensure reusability
  • Cover intelligent subject matter
  • Include interviews with company executives
  • Showcase passion
  • Create a unified voice
  • Highlight company history
  • Use humor appropriately

Marketing Videos

  • Create trending or viral content
  • Feature remote teams
  • Highlight charity work or causes supported by the company
  • Use animation and graphics
  • Make it eye-catching
  • Include customer satisfaction testimonials
  • Showcase branded merchandise
  • Incorporate event footage

By tailoring the content to these guidelines, you can create engaging corporate videos that resonate with your audience and drive desired outcomes.

Customizing Your Corporate Video

Once you’ve identified the types of videos your company needs, you can select the footage and script that will resonate with your intended audience. People consume information differently, so a video created to amplify a keynote speech at a convention will likely differ from one designed for an HR awareness meeting about corporate safety.

Some features are universally appealing, such as the preference for moving images over still photos and the natural inclination to focus on visuals rather than text alone. Videos are highly effective marketing tools because they can be easily shared, allowing you to reach exponentially more potential clients as viewers share your corporate video with their own networks.

How to Choose the Best Corporate Video Company

Whether you need a company introduction video or aim to raise your brand’s profile with updated marketing materials, a commercial production company can assist you.

Voeltner Media is a creative services team that guides you from pre-production planning through to marketing strategy design and execution. Whether you’re a game company ready to release a new product or a food-and-beverage establishment announcing your grand opening, we have the expertise to help.

We are seasoned professionals with a strong background in storytelling, skilled in crafting messages that resonate with your target audience. We can create a culture video for new hires or an explainer video to reach a broader customer base.

Our affordability means we can produce a game-changing marketing video, design content that reflects your company culture, create in-house videos, or develop a suite of videos tailored to your needs. Additionally, we offer live-streaming services for events such as Zoom calls, conferences, or sales team meetings.

We serve a wide range of industries, providing aerial videography for real estate agents, sports coverage for executives and teams, and product photography/videography for manufacturers. When it’s time to raise your profile, rebrand your company, or prepare for a new product launch, let Voeltner Media handle your corporate video needs.

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